Strong Long Lasting Relationships With Energy Retailers

To ensure we are able to provide our services in a skilled and effective manner, we have built and maintained an active presence in the energy marketplace. We work hard to cultivate relationships with all retailers and make it our business to know which retailers / suppliers are competitive at any given point in time. This includes relationships with suppliers that are actively supplying Green Energy.

Providing Unbiased Market Information to Our Clients

As part of a working relationship with our clients we aim to ensure they are kept up to date with movements of wholesale Canadian electricity and natural gas prices. We produce both electricity and natural gas market trackers and indicators

Keeping You Up To Date with the Ever Changing Energy Market

Anova Energy persistently researches and investigates the energy industry to ensure our clients are fully informed of their energy obligations and options. We also provide updates regarding any action that needs to be taken as a result of changes in legislation.