Today’s market dynamics and retailer product offerings are complex and time consuming to fully understand. Procuring energy in Canada’s deregulated marketplace requires a more in-depth analysis than a simple commodity price comparison. Varying contract types, purchasing minimum and maximum thresholds, potential market volatility and hidden retailer fees must all be assessed to evaluate true cost effectiveness. Those costs must then be weighed against individual client risk tolerance to find the most advantageous product.

Anova Energy’s procurement analysis is designed to provide a seamless, efficient, and highly competitive supplier sealed bid platform for choosing the appropriate product, the best price, and the most attractive contract terms.

Attributes of Anova Energy’s Procurement Analysis:

  • Monitor & Assess Energy Price Drivers
  • Assess and Manage Commodity Price Risk
  • Maintain Supplier Neutrality
  • Interface with Suppliers
  • Total effective commodity cost analysis
  • Procure Natural Gas & Electricity
  • Negotiate Rates with Utilities
  • Audit Invoices
  • Ongoing client support services 
1. Monitor & Assess Energy Price Drivers
Energy prices are subject to a number of ever-changing influences. Does your organization have access to, and sufficient understanding of up-to-date, relevant and detailed information to make fully informed strategic energy decisions? Anova Energy reviews and assesses key market drivers to keep you informed.
2. Assess & Manage Commodity Price Risk
Energy prices are highly volatile, and the commodity price may represent up to 70% of your total energy cost. An organization’s ability to ensure profitability is dependent on its ability to control input costs. What is your organization’s tolerance for a shift in commodity prices? Anova Energy develops customs risk mitigation strategies that allow organizations to control up to 100% of the risk associated with energy price volatility.
3. Maintain Supplier Neutrality
Anova Energy is an independent broker, with no financial ties to any one energy retailer. As such, we are able to provide an unbiased independent review of your energy options. Our analysis allows our clients to make informed energy procurement decisions.
4. Interface with Suppliers
Anova Energy acts as the agent on behalf of our clients to interface with energy retailers regarding contracts, commodity purchases, new site setup, and billing issues. There are two main advantages to having Anova Energy represent you. First, retailers are more responsive to those who know the industry and can clearly articulate what they are looking for. Secondly by acting as our client’s agent, we free up there time, allowing them to concentrate on their core business.
5. Total Effective Commodity Cost Analysis
Your effective commodity cost takes into account more than the face value energy price; it includes all additional charges that could be incurred based on the selected product and ultimately provides your total energy cost. Despite deceptive base cost similarities, supply offerings may vary dramatically from base cost to total cost, and service viewpoint. Additionally, there are both pre and post transaction cost exposures that require attention. Using the total effective cost will allow you to make an “apples to apples” comparison between various retailers and their products.
6. Natural Gas & Electricity Agreement Sourcing
Once a selection has been made, Anova energy represents you, as your agent and completes all required documentation; allowing you, our client, to focus on your core business.
7. Develop, Maintain, & Customize Energy Invoices
Once an energy solution has been decided on, Anova is able to customize your invoices to your unique account requirements.
8. Audit Invoices
Upon receipt of your first invoice, Anova Energy completes a thorough audit to ensure correct rate classification, search for billing errors and troubleshoot any invoice breakdown errors.
9. Ongoing client support services
Anova Energy provides complete account management services for your energy needs. We will remain at your disposal for any questions or guidance you may need for both current and future sites.