Why Partner with an Energy Broker?
Organizations rarely have the time needed to fully understand the energy market. At the same time, they cannot afford to take energy purchases lightly. Anova Energy helps businesses meet their energy requirements effectively and efficiently. We also help businesses realize cost savings by identifying the most favorable rates in all deregulated energy markets. In addition to energy procurement, Anova Energy offers its partners full energy portfolio management, including leveraging multiple locations, negotiating with different retailers, full monitoring of contract cycles and forecast pricing options.
How does energy deregulation work?
In the past, there was only one utility company and that company determined what price consumers would pay for the energy they used. Now, the electric and natural gas industry in Canada is undergoing significant restructuring in order to break up the monopolies. In deregulated energy markets you have the ability to choose your energy provider. If you do not make a choice you are left with the default provider, usually your local utility (EPCOR or Enmax), and at a rate that is typically higher then open market competition.
What has changed with deregulated energy?
In deregulated energy markets your bill is divided into two major areas: Commodity price. This is the cost of the actual electricity or natural gas that your business uses (Given in kWh or GJ’s). This is the area open to competition. In most markets you can now choose from a number of different providers to buy your electricity and natural gas from. Delivery Charge The delivery of your electricity and natural gas is still managed by your local utility and regulated by the provincial government. The rate that you pay for delivery will be the same regardless of who you choose to buy your electricity from.